Please note that most of the designs shown on my blog are digitizer examples. These designs can be found at:

*Applique Cafe (AC):

*Embroidery Boutique (EB):

Please feel free to email me with any questions...SewInitially@Gmail.Com!

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AC Bait

AC Popsicle Trio

AC Dump Truck

AC Cherry

AC Dinosaur

AC Flower

AC Tutu

AC Bulldozer

AC Golf Green

AC Turtle

AC Helicopter

AC Owl

EB Scalloped Patch Applique

AC Fishing Lure

AC Puppy Patch

AC Frame Patch

EB Square Patch

AC Pirate Ship

AC Simple Cross

EB Baseball Glove

AC Tractor Patch

AC Cross Applique

EB Dotty Applique Alphabet

EB Ladybug Applique

EB Golf Bag Applique

EB Daisy Applique

EB Lollipop Applique

EB Whale Applique

AC Roller Skate

AC Teapot

AC Purse

AC Airplane Applique

AC Dinosaur

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